Let’s Price Spy!

Let’s Price Spy!

August 17, 2018 Dienstleistungen 0

We all want and (actually need!) to know what changes are going on in the niche we are selling in to be able to react quickly and stay in the game.

A simple way to spy on your competitors’ recent price changes, availability alerts and deals is to use KEEPA (it’s free of charge!) – Amazon Price Tracker to be aware of what actually is going on with competitors’ prices.

You can download this tracker as Chrome Extension and extract the data you need just under the target product listing on Amazon.

Keepa extension looks like this,

As you can see it is pretty simple but so useful. The red dots are Lighting Deals you competitor had at some specific dates.

Here is another screenshot from Keepa extension – it gives an overview of the seller’s BRR history during the past 180 days, title, category, review rating, his/her ASINs variations, etc.

You can download Keepa Chrome Extension by clicking this link KEEPA

If you have already used this tool, let us know if you liked it or not?


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