1 Million Opportunity to Make a Sale

1 Million Opportunity to Make a Sale

August 17, 2018 Intelligente Tipps 1

Every seller on Amazon aims to get more sales but only few know what exactly they should implement to reach their goal. Today I will share with you the Keyword Ranking Strategy which is extremely important for getting more visibility, clicks, organic ranking and sales boost. As you have heard you need to create a semantic kernel or simply put to make a keyword research and find the relevant keywords for your product. Amazon is a search-based platform. This means Amazon’s A9 algorithm shows search results based on the most relevant keywords found in your front-end and back-end (similar to Google Search Engine algorithm). Based on my seller experience, I strongly recommend do a thorough keyword research using free and paid tools and come up with a list of at least 1 000 relevant keywords for the product you are going to launch. To tell the truth, when me and my team do that kind of research we get as many as 5 000 – 10 000 Top and Long-Tail keywords. Yeah! Only that number of keywords will let you optimize the listing effectively and create PPC campaigns with a high conversion and optimal ACOS. Here are 3 main factors that determine how well your product ranks for a specific keyword:

  1. Keyword relevance to the product (KW in the title, bullet points, product description as well as in the Search Terms).
  2. Number of sales converted through a specific keyword and its
  3. Level of competition for a keyword.


Note: A good opportunity to boost all these factors is to use a launch service and/or Amazon PPC campaigns so when consumers enter your product’s keyword into the search bar your product is shown on the 1stpage.


Keywords do matter!

Check out any site where you can get estimates of how many times a keyword is searched monthly on Amazon.   Pay attention for example to a shoe organizer which is searched 1,277,254 times a month. Just imagine being on the first page of search results for this keyword! These are your 1,277,254 opportunities to make a sale. Now we get the point that a product with 0 searchers on Amazon will lead you to a disaster.

Make an extensive niche & competitor analysis as well as all calculations beforehand.

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