How Enhanced Brand Content can boost sales on Amazon?

How Enhanced Brand Content can boost sales on Amazon?

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What Is Enhanced Brand Content?

With the increasing number of standalone retailers on Amazon, competition in a given niche can become too stiff to sustain. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a way of differentiating the sellers’ products from the rest. With EBC, a seller is able to improve conversions and increase sales. By definition, Enhanced Brand Content is a feature used by brand owners to use rich content when describing their products on Amazon. Through EBC sellers can create a text brand story and add optimized images.

Who Can Get Enhanced Brand Content?

To use the EBC feature, a seller must already have gotten approval as a brand owner through Amazon Brand Registry. Emerging brand owners belonging to Amazon Exclusives and Launchpad may also qualify to enter the EBC program. You will need to be approved to be able to use this feature. Only products in a seller’s approved brand catalog can qualify for EBC to be created for them.

How to Get Enhanced Brand Content

To get EBC, you must first have your brand listed in the Amazon Brand Registry. However, you cannot list your brand if you are into media, books, digital or video categories. You do not need to pay anything to get EBC.

Once you submit your EBC content, it will be processed and published within 2 to 7 days. Content published is for ASINs that are part of the Global Catalog Identifier (GCID).

Pluses of Enhanced Brand Content

  1. Builds Customers’ Confidence in Brand Value

Customers are likely to find products with EMC more appealing than those without. It isn’t enough to list the features of a product but adding pictures makes it look more valuable. It assures the customer that what they are about to buy is the best.

  1. Reduces the Likelihood of Instant Bounce Offs

Using flat images and content will hardly keep customers engaged with your products for a few seconds at a time. Before the customer begins to check what the product is about he or she would have bounced off to a well-presented competing product. The purpose of EMC is to make the content interesting to the extent that the buyers will read about the benefits of the product and buy it.

  1. Better Returns on Investment

If you have paid ads for your products, you can use EBC to increase the number of people ordering. Through EBC, you will show potential customers the value they get from your brand and in the process increase your ROI.

  1. Reduces Negative Reviews and Product Returns

The proper execution of EBC helps put out the product information in a more complete way. Also, customers already know what to expect. There is no way they would want a return or leave negative reviews. Here you can see an example of templates which are available for EBC. What You Can and Cannot Add To EBC

Some of the information you can add to EBC include text and photographs. The content if visually rich in nature and is very attractive to the eyes of a customer. Although it is likely to be available in the future, it is not possible to add videos for now.


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