5 Benefits of Being a Seller on Amazon

5 Benefits of Being a Seller on Amazon

November 5, 2018 Clever Tips 0

If you have an online retail business, just why are you not putting it out there on Amazon? Of course, there are many options. However, being a seller on Amazon has many pluses and advantages compared to the competitors. As an online retailer, you should be deliberate about owning some of these benefits. They include the following:

  1. Increased Opportunities for Sales

Apart from being an online store itself, Amazon is home to a number of third-party sellers, and you could be one of them. Every year, the third-party sales account for about 50 percent of the items sold on Amazon. So far, Amazon has over 2 million sellers from across the world. Every year, they sell more than 2 billion items. Their success emanates from the fact that Amazon has a huge pool of established customers. Start selling on Amazon and you could also enjoy these advantages.

  1. No Need for Marketing Campaigns

Who doesn’t know about Amazon? In the US alone, over 64 percent of the households have Amazon accounts. It isn’t like some other online retail sites which need to spend money on advertising just to become known. With its wide customer base, it is easier to repeat customers depending on the type of customer service you provide.

  1. Orders Packed and Shipped For You

As a seller on Amazon, you don’t have to worry about having to pack and ship your products. Take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon, which will save you both time and money. Amazon takes away from you all the worries about storing, packing, and shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you could even enjoy free shipping. Since FBA operates internationally, it makes it easier for you to reach customers anywhere.

  1. Strong Brand Trust

Over the years, Amazon has built for itself a reputation that’s hard to beat. Many online shoppers trust Amazon to deliver what it promises. Shoppers have greater trust in the products available on Amazon and have no reason to raise concerns and questions about the processes. As an e-commerce pacesetter, Amazon has become the go-to option for online shoppers, mainly due to its credibility. As a smaller online seller, you can take advantage of Amazon’s reputation to increase your sales.

  1. Unsolicited Referrals

Amazon has an intricate algorithm that recommends lists of products when customers log in to the site. It is possible for a customer to notice your products even when looking for something else. Add to that Amazon’s large network of affiliate websites which may feature ads of your products, thus making you be widely known. This is something you couldn’t achieve by continuing to exclusively trade on your website.


As you can see, Amazon stands out when it comes to providing your online retail business with greater growth potential. They can give you the reputation that would take you thousands of years and acres of advertisements to attain. If you are wise, join them today. That’s exactly what a wise online retailer does when he or she cannot beat his or her competitors.


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