How to get your money back (payments from Amazon)?

How to get your money back (payments from Amazon)?

September 3, 2018 Clever Tips 0

It is the instructions on how to check the data and get compensation from Amazon for lost or damaged goods, as well as those goods for which customers received a refund, but did not return to the Amazon warehouse.

According to the rules, Amazon automatically compensates for losses, but it does not happen always and it is better to be aware of where and how you can check the information on reimbursements.

1. Go to Reports -> Fulfillment -> Payments -> Reimbursements. First, check for what exactly Amazon has already returned the money to you.

Quantity Reimbursed (Cash) means that Amazon has already returned your money for lost or damaged goods in the warehouse, as well as for other reasons. (top line in the screenshot below).

Quantity Reimbursed (Inventory) means that the product is back in the inventory – this can be either a customer return or a product found in Amazon’s warehouse (bottom line in the screenshot below). Accordingly, there will be no cash return for it.

In the same place, you can see the orders for which you returned the money to the client, but the product has not been sent back to the warehouse by the client. In this case, Amazon must also compensate you the cost of the goods.

2. Go to Reports -> Fulfillment -> Inventory -> Inventory Adjustments.

— find products that are marked as Damaged and contact Amazon for a Reimbursement.

— find products that are marked as Lost (Inventory Misplaced = Lost) and Found. Compare the lost products with those found (download the report and check in excel all positions using filtering). If the status “Misplaced” (in excel it is the letter “M”) has been there for more than 30 days – you can apply for a reimbursement.

You can turn to a third-party, which will do all this for you for a certain fee, but if you train and deal with these tabs in your Seller Central account, you will be able to cope with this yourself absolutely free of charge.


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