Why do we need inserts in the parcel?

Why do we need inserts in the parcel?

August 16, 2018 Clever Tips 0

Love is … Many years have passed, and we still remember the aroma and taste of soft chewing cube. But #inserts the insert was even more important than gum, because in it the author shared with us her thoughts about what true love is. Many people bought gum just for the insert.

It is usually cheaper to keep already established buyers than to look for and attract new ones every time. That is why it is important to work on increasing customer loyalty.

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why inserts are so important:

• Inserts are cheap: below we will discuss 5 different types of inserts, each of which does not require large expenses, but will bring a good effect.
• Inserts can be precisely targeted: after all, you send them to the buyer who has already ordered a certain type of product from you.
• Inserts are ideal for cross-selling: since you already know exactly what the buyer likes, you can offer him something else that may interest him.
• Can increase customer loyalty, provide repeat sales. Here also is an opportunity to request a Review or Feedback.


5 types of inserts for buyers:

1. Discount coupons
For example, you can offer:
• Discount on friend’s products
• Discount of 5-10$ for the next order
• 15% discount on next order
• Discount to customer’s friend

It depends on the size of the product’s cost to choose a discount or a fixed amount. If the price is $ 10-40, it is better to come to terms with %. If over $ 50, you can specify 5-10.

2. Small gift

Small gifts can surprise a person, and in this case without a second thought that you are trying to impose anything on them. Gifts do not have to be expensive. Since the element of surprise works here, most people will be pleasantly surprised by the importance given to them.

There is no need to go far for an example, let’s take a look at Ryan French. Being the founder of GameKlip, he decided to complete each parcel with a small portion of lollipops or candies. It turned out to be so pleasant for customers that they began to talk about it on forums and social networks.

Can you imagine how effective a small, almost free gift can be? Even special studies have been carried out, which proved that the candies that are offered to visitors by the employees behind the counter at the hotel, help to significantly increase tips.
So what can we learn from these experiments? Small gifts, coupled with personal care, can cause people to have certain positive feelings, which they want to reciprocate. This law of reciprocity is a very effective psychological lever.

3. Thank-you cards and personal message

The simplest, cheapest and most personalized method of contacting the buyer is a letter of gratitude on your behalf and your personal signature on the card attached to the parcel.

2bigfeet founder, Brandon Eley, posted a photo of a hand – written postcard on a popular forum and explained:

“One of the easiest ways to prove yourself in the eyes of the client is to start interacting with him directly, without hiding behind brands and other things. Personally, I set out to send 1,000 thank-you cards and discount coupons a year. After all, it’s only 4 cards a day! All these cards I sign with my own hand.”

Here are a few notes on what you can write in thank-you notes:

• If we are talking about serious costs for the buyer, try to focus on quality
• Do not forget to address to the customer by name
• Express your respect and tell why you decided to send this letter
• Motivate for further cooperation
• Complete the letter with warm words, and don’t forget your personal signature

4. To ask to leave a review about you on social networks

Since the delivered parcel is something like the completion of the act of your cooperation with the customer, the inserts can help you to extend this phenomenon. Even if you are sure that he does not plan to buy anything else from you, ask him at least to tell about his experience of working with you on social networks or on Amazon.

5. Interesting fact, something forbidden or critical.

As an idea for an investment – an interesting fact. Today many social networks use this method to repost the message. Maybe the topic of your product allows you to create an interesting fact on the insert for the target audience? This will certainly be shared with friends.

I would like to note once again that the inserts actually help to increase loyalty to the brand and product. As with other marketing methods that involve direct interaction with the buyer, do not forget about testing — this will help you to determine the approach that best affects customer loyalty, the number of sales and the final profit of your product.

P.S. To understand how to run word of mouth and find ideas for attachments, I highly recommend the book by Jon Berger “Contagious”.


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