36-Hour Golden Opportunity For Sellers

36-Hour Golden Opportunity For Sellers

May 18, 2018 News 1

Amazon Prime Day 2018: What you need to know

Have you already started preparing your listings for #PRIMEDAY 2018?

Prime Day is like a Black Friday, only this time it is Amazon’s event for customers with Prime subscription.


Prime Day 2017 was Amazon’s biggest sales day ever! It surpassed Amazon’s previous biggest sales day ever, Prime Day 2016 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S.

Sounds interesting, yeah?

The exact date of PRIME DAY has not yet been officially announced, but roughly this is the beginning – middle of July.

If you haven’t started thinking of that day yet, then it’s time to do it today.

How you can capitalize on this major 36-hour shopping day when millions of customers rush to the marketplace searching for great deals?

Whether you’re FBA or MFN, you can capitalize on this major shopping day by preparing as best as possible.

Prime Day 2018 tips for every fulfillment type

So, what can you do today to take perks of Prime Day and not oversleep your gold time?

✅ Replenish your inventory.

✅ Create your own unique promotions outside of Lightning Deals, such as percentage off, discounts and offer other external benefits.

✅ Use SEO best practices to boost the placement of your listings in Amazon search results.

✅ Optimize your PPC campaigns. Begin to test PPC now to achieve a good CPA and ACOS.

✅ Check your listing for indexation.

✅ Do not forget about the title, bullets, comments, and reviews.

✅ Make sure you’re using beautiful product images, as visuals make a serious impact on potential customers.

✅Lighting Deal and coupons will also help you.

✅External traffic (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) is also useful for attracting clients during the PRIME DAY.

✅Offering free premium shipping if you’re an MFN seller.


Based on our experience we and our clients got a boost in total sales no matter if they run a Lighting Deal or other type of promotions due to the massive Amazon traffic that day.
So, even if you’re not selected to be part of the official Lightning Deals program this year, you can still price your products accordingly to take advantage of the massive boost in Amazon traffic in order to generate more sales than you normally would.

We hope this helps, especially if you were concerned that being excluded from Lightning Deals would have a negative impact on your Amazon Prime Day 2018 success.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck out there breaking your previous Prime Day sales record!

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  1. Martin says:

    Yes, for me it was a good day, I doubled my sales. And it could be even better if Amazon website did not get down at the most important moment when I launched my PPC at high budget and expected to control it in real time!
    Seems, that even amazon was not prepared enough for such crazy sales.

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